Improve the productivity
of your services business

Do you receive 20 or more work orders per day?
Is the admin frustrating your attempts to manage
and grow your business? If so, TradesCloud is
a job management system designed for you.
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    Reduce total
    cost per work
    order by 50%
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    Increase transparency,
    and control
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    Simplify transacting
    with head contractors
    and subcontractors

TradesCloud is an online job management system for trades and services businesses that receive high volumes of work orders

  • Benefits of being in the cloud
    Having all of your data stored in the cloud means that it’s always available - our uptime is 99.999%. Being in the cloud means no hardware to purchase, no software to install or maintain. No backups to worry about. We take care of all of that.
  • Automatic import
    TradesCloud can import work orders, invoices, RCTIs and payment remittances sent to you as email attachments such as PDFs. This saves time and eliminates data entry errors.
  • Mobile integrated
    TradesCloud makes dispatching large numbers of jobs to your field technicians simple. Field technicians can access their jobs from a mobile phone or iPad. Workflow is customisable, so you can mandate that a safety assessment is conducted prior to job start and capture that on the phone. You can ensure that compliance data such as serial numbers, meter readings, site photos etc must be collected prior to the field technician completing the job.
  • Status at a glance
    TradesCloud provides management dashboards that enable you to see the status of all jobs in the system, who they've been dispatched to and how they're progressing. Because your field technicians can update the jobs in the field, you'll know as soon as they've arrived on site, made safe and completed the job. Most importantly, if they've run into problems, such as a client not home, missing parts, waiting on someone else etc, you'll know as soon as they do. This will enable your operations team to provide the best field support. This gets work completed faster, which means you can bill sooner, your cashflow improves and (hopefully) happy customers will reward you with more work!
  • Automatic reconciliation
    All imported documents are automatically reconciled. TradesCloud will flag RCTIs that don’t match claims, payments that don’t match invoices etc. This means that your admin team can focus on resolving problems, rather than finding them.
  • Accounts integration
    TradesCloud makes it easy to keep your accounts package in sync. You can synchronise at an invoice level or monthly rollup to accounts receivable & payable.
  • Performance Management
    The ultimate goal of capturing all of your data is to be able to monitor and manage your company performance. TradesCloud provides you with live KPIs so you know how you're performing against target before your customer does. TradesCloud also tracks key trends to give you an instant visual confirmation of how your business and your team are performing.

TradesCloud for Head Contractors

  • Subcontractor management
    Trades Cloud has been designed with Head Contractors in mind and enables Head Contractors, subcontractors and their field teams to work together as one team, while ensuring that the commercial information, and data security of each legal entity are not compromised. Unlike web portals, which create a double entry headache for subcontractors, Trades Cloud significantly reduces the workload for subcontractors: data is entered once in the field and compliant claims/invoices are automatically constructed from completed jobs. And because each subcontractor has their own Trades Cloud account and Trades Cloud is integrated with MYOB and QuickBooks, there’s no double entry at their end.
  • RCTI support
    TradesCloud supports both standard invoice and Recipient Created Tax Invoice (RCTI) billing. If you have a customer that issues RCTIs, TradesCloud enables you to build and send a claim directly to their portal/email account. It will reconcile RCTI(s) and credits with the claim and highlight any differences.
  • Portal integration
    TradesCloud is integrated with a number of major industry portals and we’re adding to the list all the time. Portal integration means that you only update TradesCloud and let TradesCloud update the portal.